Longo, An African Anchoring Dance

Presentation of the principles of longo, a method of personal development initiated by the author and which refers to African dance.


Longo, the Anchoring Dance, is a personal development method created by Elima. Both its purpose and essence arise from the African dance and it finds its source within this vast ancestral well of African knowledge and wisdom. It is a conscious dance, felt within the depth of our being, which respects specific codes, the latter simply reflecting the Law of Life grounded in Love. It enhances our growth and achievement through action, a re-discovery of our connection to Heaven and Earth, and to all that surrounds us, thus healing the separation between our inner and outer being.


Elima Dely Mputu was born in Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo. He is an Author, Composer, teacher, Longo Master (Molongi Mokonzi) and creator of Longo, the African Anchoring dance. His first book was titled Mukulu, meaning the word from the African Ancestor. He is also President of ISO LA ISO, an Association which financially supports the education of children from deprived families in DRC.

Parution : 03/2012

ISBN : 978-2-916121-54-3

Format (cm) : 10 x 17

Pages : 79

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